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Veterinary Physiotherapy

We help animals with a range of conditions including arthritis, dysplasia, sports specific injuries and prevention and general MOTs. We also work with animals that have cruciate issues both pre and post injury, and neurological conditions including nerve and disc problems.

We work with animals with a range of conditions for musculoskeletal to neuroloagical issues such as arthritis, dysplasia, cruciate disease, intervertbralal disc disease and many more. We work closely with vets for consertvative management of conditions and for post operative rehabilitation.  We also see animals to help with injury prevention, sport specific fitness and general MOTS.

We have the only physiotherapy and hydrotherapy centre, including an underwater treadmill and a doggie gym in the Highlands!


Hydrotherapy uses the warmth of the water to help soothe muscles and provide pain relief for your pet.


The support of the water reduces the concussive forces and impact going up through their joints and spine. This allows gentle and controlled rehabilitation and strengthening exercises to help build strength, and achieve active range of motion in joints. Our water temperature is set to a proven therapeutic temperature for soothing and relaxing muscles. 

The viscosity of the water helps with circulation, passing oxygen and nutrients around the body which helps healing and reducing inflammation and swelling. 

The buoyancy and viscosity of the water in the underwater treadmill improves balance and core strength. This helps to build confidence and reeducate movement and gait. It also helps to challenge proprioception, this is the bodies awarness of postion. This helps with strenghtening and injury prevention.

Manual and Electrotherapy's

We use a range of manual therapies including massage, myofascial release and stretching. Manual therapies help to reduce muscle tension and spasm as well as improve circulation to nagging joints. 

We also have several electrotherpay machines including laser therapy, pulsed-electromagnectic therapy, NMES and TENS.

Laser Therapy uses light at a certain frequecny to help reduce pain, aid recovery and promote healing. Laser works to activate cells in the body helping to stimulate the bodies own pain relief and healing system. The laser is a non-invasive, non-painful treatment. Here at Alba Physioterhapy Veterinary Services we see great results from laser treatments. We mainly use it for treating muscle tension and joint pain. It is one of our physio’s favourite electrotherapy's.


Pulsed-electromagnetic (PEMFT) sends bursts of low magnetic frequencies directly into the body to aid pain relief and healing. Pulses-electromagnetic therapy is a  non-invasive form of treatment. At Alba Physiotherapy we mainly use PEMFT for sore and atrhritic joints. 


NMES- Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation uses small electrical impulses to stimulate muscles that are weak or paralysed. We mainly use NMES in dogs with severe muscle loss caused by  intervertbral disc disease.


TENS- Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation sends electrical pulses through the skin to initiate the body’s own pain relief systems. We use TENS mainly on horses and short haired dogs to help ease muscle pain and discomfort.

Doggie Gym

Our Doggy Gym consists of a wide range of strength and conditioning equipment enabling us to work with dogs of all strength and fitness levels. Some of our main pieces of equipment incude cavaletti poles, trampolines, wobble boards and cushions, peanut balls, steps and much more. Aside from our in clinic strengthening we will also prescribe a unique home exercise program tailored to your dog and you.



At Alba Veterinary Physiotherapy our aim is to give the best possible treatment and care to your pet.

Whether requiring treatment for an injury, post surgery rehabilitation or keeping active in your dogs senior years we will be able to help.

 We achieve this by working closely with you, the owner to gain the vital information and feedback for your dogs treatment. 

We treat every case on an individual personalised basis and tailor all treatment plans to you and your pets needs. 

With over fifteen years experience of treating animals and people Brid Walsh, owner of Alba Physiotherapy is passionate about keeping you and your pet active, healthy, pain free and most importantly enjoying life to the fullest.  

Our veterinary team are all qualified Veterinary Physiotherapists and hold a broad range of training and qualifications for all our different treatments. Your dog is in safe hands! 


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